My (not so) new site

As you may have noticed yet, nothing is really free nowadays: and so will be for my site too.
Don't misunderstand me: I won't (ever!) ask you for money. Nor I will spam you. Nor I will show you banners (that is why, I think, virtualave guys didn't like my page much ;). You will be able to access all the information I used to give you, but you will have to deserve it.

How does it work? You will just have to solve some riddles, or publish tutes about some projects I will propose (or about things you like... but I cannot assure you _I_ will like them too so be careful ;).

The first riddles will be easy: I don't want to keep out (almost) anyone from my site. The next ones will be harder, and will give you access to information I hope you will consider more interesting. The last ones (if there ever be last ones) will be VERY hard... and the information will be MORE interesting, of course: information which cannot be easily found by search engines, due to the particular shape of this site; information that you can spread in other ways, if you like; information which are indeed FREE, but only for the ones who deserve it.

Here is my new site: a game I hope you and I will enjoy, a source of information which can become useful for reversers, and a way to meet new people and work with them. Because, of course, you can work with others to solve the riddles: the solutions will work for your different logins and give you all access to the next level. Also, I don't mind _how_ you solve the riddles: if you are able to find the password in any more creative way (stalking, searching, cracking, and so on) you're allowed to do it. Just two requests: first, don't damage the server where my pages are hosted; second, teach us the technique you have used or the tools you've created to find the password.

I think that's all, for now. Read between the lines and find the password that, together with the login name you choose, will allow you to start the game.