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+Aesculapius' Home Page Precious info and Softice files in this Master+Cracker's site.
+Fravia's page of reverse engineering This old great site is closing down. Check Tsehp's mirror, which is one of the last open ones and contains some updates too.
+Fravia's web-searching lores Heh, old +frav is back again with this new site which is all about searching on the Net... very, very interesting information (what are you waiting for? Go, learn and contribute!)
+Frog's Print A very good page by a very good +HCUcker. Don't miss his interesting forums, especially if you're a French cracker.
+Greythorne This site contains very good ASM tutes and essays and will point you to the official +orcpacks repository.
+HCU Linux A great project: +hcu philosophy and techniques applied to Linux... go and check it.
+Mammon A lot of infos about our favorite toolz: SoftIce and IDA.
+ReZiDeNt Here is another +HCUcker's VERY GOOD page and another must visit site, of course.
ALoR's HomePage A nice cracking site, with tutes in Italian and a lot more.
Alt Home Page Great italian site which deals with cryptography, maintained by a friend :)
Anarchriz' Webpages A really complete page, with a great programming books section and and good links collection. If the books links are dead search them on Yanorel's page.
Cavallo de Cavallis HomePage This is a good italian page dedicated to cracking, with some interesting "home made" toolz.
Code reversing for beginners This page, maintained by Sandman, is one of the best knowledge sites for beginners, with very good tutorials and information.
Corleone Very good site with tutes, tools, and everything you should expect from a good cracking page.
Corn Particularly good for programmers, this site has very nice Articles and Projects sections.
CrackZ's reverse engineering homepage A very good site, with some easy tutorials for newbies and a section completely dedicated to keygens!
Crashtest links One of the most comprehensive link collections you can find, really impressive. You can also check page languages/last updates and so on.
DASavant A little but well designed page full of "home made" cracks.
Daz's Playstation page A new page on Playstation cracking: I think that it would be interesting to start working on this subject...
DRAC - Crackz & Serialz The "bad side" of cracking in a well done italian page... worth visiting if you don't have time to make a crack :)
Flu[X]/PC98's HomePage A nice little site with some own made tutes and a little collection of others' ones... WOA! There's mine too! What a cool site... O:-)
Ghiribizzo A page from a good cracker, famous for his tutorials in .pdf format.
Hanno's HomePage Home of the EXE mailing list: learn everything about EXE packing!
HarvestR's page A cool page with lotsa different tutes (ASM, Wdasm, Sice, crackmes), a good and updated tools section and a mIRC tutes section too.
Iczelion's Cracking Resource WOA! This site is simply GREAT! It has a VERY GOOD tools page and a GREAT w32asm tute, with other links to other w32asm sites and reference material... simply GO there.
Krobars Collection of Cracking Tutorials Collection of many cracking/reverse engineering tutorials
LordCaligo This is a "must-visit" site which contains lots of good tutes and which is one of the best TOOLS repositories you can find.
Marquis PELOCK Homepage A good page from an "old", and great, cracker.
mendoza A _really_ good site with great essays, sources, etc...
NiKai´s Page for Code Reverse Engineering A nice new page devoted to newbies with good "homemade" tutes.
Pavel Semjanov's Home Page Russian page with many interesting sections, such as a HUGE "password cracking" one and "nice sources"...
Plushm Home Page Some nice thoughts from Plushm, plus some very good tools.
Prophecy's Home Page A tiny page for a huge collection of keygen SOURCES: really, really interesting, and VERY useful if you want to learn how to build a keygen of course.
Quantico's Home Page Great, great, great: what can I say? Great :) In this site you can find not only tutes, links and tools (NOT links, the tools are all downloadable from that site!), but also a huge collection of keygen sources that, together with Prophecy's one, can teach anybody the way to program a keygen.
Quequero & UIC home page Nice ITALIAN page, with lots of tutorials and a great project: Universita' Italiana Crackers! Check it :)
Stone's webnote Hey... this guy is GOOD! Check this page and you won't regret it!
Suby's HomePage And here is a very nice home page of a young ITALIAN cracker, who's going to be one of the master crackers of the new millenium :)
The Cracking Palace A nice page with A LOT of links to tutes, sites and updated tools.
TORN@DO's Cracking site Simply GO THERE. If you really want to learn you can't miss his CRACKER'S NOTES!!! (Thx a lot Iczelion, I found this link in your great page!
TWD Rulez In this page you'll find some cracks, tutes, links and a nice tools section.
Yan Orel's page There are a lot of goodies in this page: cracks, tutes (in Italian!), links to cracks sites, xxx and a lot more from a guy who really knows how to find things on the Internet.
ytc's Cracking Library Good site, I like it: not many new pieces of information, but VERY well organized and commented ones! You can find a PROGRAMMING section, a TOOLS and REFERENCES one, a TUTES one and other miscellaneous links, together with some original works.
AnThraX - The Ongoing Force AnThraX cracking group
Association of Satanic Maniacs Crackz, keygenz, drugs, virii, anarchy.
DREAD Amazing site about reverse engineering. Good projects by good friends... and real reversers.
eRRatum Krak House Good page by a new cracking group from Indonesia... I've heard they have some tutes in indonesian too, so if it's your language... don't miss them! If this link dies, try this one.
Law Abiding Criminals Good site. You can find some cracks, some tutes, the main toolz and a BEAUTIFUL project called "InstallShield PackageForTheWeb unlockers"... visit it :)
Messing In Bytes Another good page with tutorials for newbies and intermediate crackers.
MEXELiTE'98 One of the best starting point for newbies, with a good collection of tutes and lots of ready made cracks.
Overflow Homebase A collection of cracks from the new group Overflow
pCE '97 Homepage by Egis Crackz and serialz by Powerful Cracking Engine
Phrozen Crew Hey... no comment. :)
RingZer0 Homepage A new group of really great Italian crackers, which is going to become one of the greatest sources of information in Italy: get and learn the tutes, they're really worth reading!
The Immortal Descendants Great site, with many, many tutorials about different topics, all of them in an easy-to-follow database, divided by topic... very good for those who're searching for something particular.
Tres 2000 Homepage Follow this new cracking group with essays, links and a forum.
United Cracking Force I think it's useless to say what you'll find here... :)
WHISKEY KON TEKILA CrAcKiNg TeAm Great page, with tutes in English and IN SPANISH! Nice tools links, including a section devoted to Patching Engines... if you're lazy and don't want to make your own, go and download them (but don't forget mine! :))
[ k r 0 m e c o r p ] Hmmm... a nice riddle, like +ORC's old one... how can a +cracker resist to this? =)
aLoNg3x Links Collection Don't Visit It !!! The +Malattia webpage is the best all around
Beos Reversing Yeah! Another site dealing with BeOS reversing!
BeOS Reversing Unit Woa, this is a project I'll surely follow carefully, completely devoted to BeOS Reversing!
Byzantium This page is dedicated to +ORC's riddle: if you solve it you may find his page!
Cd freaks italia Another site (italian, this time) dealing with CD protections.
Crack Code Links Search for cracks via this list of searchers.
Cracking Micro$oft CD keys Easy lesson on how the key generation for M$ CD keys works: even if it's the "old" kind of key, it's quite interesting to see how EASY it is! The first one who sends me a lesson about the NEW (win98) CD key generation gets one of my SECRET links!
Cracking Tutorial Search Engine If you are searching for cracking tutes, simply go there.
French speaking hackers' portal french speaking hackers' portal / le portail des lascars francophones
I am +unkn0wn Collection of cracking links
Italian Crackzone Cracks - Serials - Tools - Tutorials - Ezines
Keyformulas Another must visit site: this one contains a good collection of keygens!
Keygen Studio Yeah, another site for keygen lovers like me :)
Leonardo's World mirror Check this mirror at Zor's.
MP3Mobile Isn't this cracking too? Isn't this reverse engineering? Check this site out and you'll find what the "hacker" word means... a GREAT project, I don't have other words to describe it.
Pantawarez An Italian site dealing with Hacking, Tutorials, CDMastering and Tools
Reversers.com A full domain made just for us, if you want to browse a good number of pages all devoted to software reversing, go here.
SelectNPlay Here you can find the latest game patches.
Serial Number Shop Nice... even if not for REAL crackers
The CoDeX [cDx] A group which tries to stop people stealing other cracker's work. Interesting, give it a go!
The CrackMe Site You want to learn reverse engineering but you think that cracking commercial programs is illegal? Ok, this site's for you: there are LOTS of "crackme" progs written by good protectionists with tutes that explain how to crack them.
The Edge Of Darkness An Useful Resource Dedicated To Protect You From The Most Actual And Common Hackers Patching Your System With Correct Patches. Site Includes All Kind Of Exploits For Web, Mail, Irc And Icq Applications And Mine Original Cracks :)
The Elite Toplist Do you want many, many new H/P/C/A/V links to deal with? Here they are.
Vargo's CD protections interesting site dealing with cd protections
Win32Asm Patcher Project This is a VERY interesting page by Ghiribizzo, about a new standard for patching programs: go, watch it, learn it and help the project grow... we need some standards for our jobs! :)
Zor's Cracking Links Lots of cracking links for cracks aficionados :)
+Fravia's TOT Forum Forum dedicated to the tools of the trade
+Fravia's Fravia's message board
Cracking Challenges for All In this forum fellow crackers join to learn and solve cracking challenges created by Sandman.
Italian Cracking Forum As the name says, a forum about cracking all in Italian.
Linux Forum Nice Linux message board by +Gthorne.
Reverse Engineering Forum A VERY GOOD tools discussion list by Mammon and Ghiribizzo, with two sections respectively dedicated to Softice and IDA!
The Crackers Forum Sandman's forum about reverse engineering.
The newbies forum Good forum moderated by Sandman, read about his R.C.E. Site Archiving Project here.
Win32 Assembly Programming A forum devoted to win32 assembly programming.
IRC Channels
#crack-it (ircnet) This is a great ITALIAN cracking channel... not many users until now, but the ones you can find are really GOOD!
#cracking4newbies (efnet) A must for all beginners... ask whatever question you like (NOT crack requests, of course!) and you'll find a lot of ppl helping you!
#cracking (efnet) A very good channel about cracking followed by some great reversers.
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